About Us



Within our logo you might notice the initials H.P.S. Those three initials stand for Heart, Skill, & Pride. As a company we strive to   

  • Show every one of our clients the compassion that their situation deserves.
  • Make sure the work we perform expresses the superior level of skill we have.
  • Take pride in every endeavor that we undertake.

We believe that in following these three tenants that our company will not only exceed our clients expectations but will continually ground us as individuals in the qualities of character that every one of our clients deserve to see in a company that they entrust with such important undertakings.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


We help people restore their lives through clean up, reconstruction, or renovation of their property as a result of accidents, natural disasters, or modernization while navigating them through the process and achieving their desired outcomes.


Our vision is to be the most respected and trusted restoration and construction company in Michigan by our commitment to our clients, employees, and community.


Heart: showing compassion to our clients, employees, and our community
Passion: representing the company and ourselves well at all times with the highest ethical standards, quality workmanship, and work ethic
Skill: using our talents, the best techniques, and equipment to perform each task
Responsiveness: responding to each interaction with timeliness, cooperation, and enthusiasm
Continuous Improvement: solving problems without slowing down the solution process

Our History

Serving Mid-Michigan Since 1990

All Call Restoration & Construction was originally founded as JMB Builders in  1990. For over a decade JMB Builders crafted properties throughout West Michigan. Eventually the founders of  JMB Builders decided to focus on helping their neighbors restore their lives having seen how devastating a crisis such as a flooded home or smoke damaged property can be. 

Today All Call Restoration & Construction employs dozens of professionals across the State of Michigan and surrounding areas helping home and property owners put their lives back in order. Whether it is smoke/fire damage, water damage, or reconstruction due to natural disasters All Call Restoration is there putting things in place to give the property owner that much needed peace of mind.